I hope you can get something like what we have here in Canada. I pay under $60/month for extended health care which includes dental. Here's a summary of my benefits

That's how I think all of this should all be approached

Why not do a direct comparison of the all the different ways other countries handle these problems? Learn from them, figure out what works, what doesn't, especially with the countries that have made changes in the direction of more universal health care in recently years, they would have the statistics that would be the most relevant to us, we could look at the before/after to find out how the changes affected the average life span, etc.

I've heard some discussion that makes direct comparison to the US and Canada, England, France, etc but these were mostly from "fringe" media, like Bill Maher's comedy show on HBO, "Sicko", some web sites, but see almost nothing like that in the mainstream media, and disappointed that Obama doesn't openly cite some of these numbers

Then I think I realized why he chose to not go with that strategy. I think because he knows that this country is still too busy chanting "We're Number One! We're Number One!" to stop and give any of those unflattering comparisons a serious look