people may not be forced to eat food that is bad for them, but they can not be blamed entirely on doing so. who else is to blame? the fast food industry, the food industry in general, restaurants that serve larger and larger portions because food is the cheapest part of their operation and with larger portions they can charge more, advertisers, the schools that serve less nutritious foods due to low cost and ease in preparation, the loss of small local farms across our country, etc. when that is what one is exposed to, when that is what is accessible, when that is what is affordable, one may either not know any different or may not have the incentive to change. however, we as a society can get involved in education, volunteering, helping to support local regional farming, etc.

you asked if there is anything in "super-size me" that is worth seeing or hearing; i wouldn't recommend watching it if i didn't think that there was.

i agree with you that there are better, healthier options than fast food, convenience foods, junk food that is just as affordable. that is largely what the slow food movement is all about. the slow food movement is more of a grass roots effort than a political photo-op. i congratulate the white house for getting involved regardless of motive.

here are a few links for the slow food movement:

60 minutes inteview of alice waters
the international slow food movement
slow food USA

i agree that obesity, diabetes, heart disease, not eating well, lack of exercise are all problems within the U.S. but rather than placing blame for the problem, lets just try to figure out ways of changing these things, and just telling people what they should or should not be doing is obviously not working. but education, volunteer programs, school programs, etc may help to make a difference.

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