My personal opinion is that we measure a society by the way it treats its most vulnerable citizens - its poor, its elderly, its disabled and sick, and its children.

I'm never happy about contributing tax dollars to the war machine but I'm never troubled by the idea that my taxes go to support those in need. To me, that is a measure of a just and caring society.

When we blame individuals for their situation (obesity, poverty, inadequate parenting skills etc.) we ignore the fact that they are a product of our society and that there are a host of factors that have contributed to their situation. These factors can include intergenerational dysfunction (parents who were alcoholics, abusive, lacking in life skills etc.) but, as we all know, can also include life-altering experiences such as severe illness, loss of loved ones, job losses, and victimization by government or corporate systems (insurance companies that cut off benefits, doctors who shout at us, hoops to jump through, discrimination.....).


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