Really really really really disagree with that. Why would you give stimulus $$ to companies showing healthy profits and employment growth while other areas are collapsing??? How much more money does healthcare need when it is already growing faster than almost any other area of the economy. I don't think you understand the problem here in the US. US healthcare is not short of money it is flush with cash. I suppose you could force them to change how they spend it but then that is the point of healthcare reform then isn't it.

Stimulus saved thousands of teacher jobs and university cut backs and that was huge. 2/3 of it is just now being spent and the construction projects are getting the money now. I can rattle off at least 5 highway projects in my town funded by stimulus money. I would liked to have seen more spent on badly needed infrastructure construction but it takes a while to get those projects out to bid and going. Our national infrastructure is in pretty bad shape and that was the logical place to go with the money. Go after a big need that is underfunded and create blue collar jobs at the same time.

The car piece was nice and saved thousands of blue collar jobs but was not a huge piece of the stimulus. It actually did work and that was cool. Regardless who owns them the clunker program saved a lot of jobs and that was the point.

I mean thousands of teachers were being laid off, bridges, sewer systems and water systems all over the country are very old and beginning to collapse, huge layoffs in the auto industry almost collapse an entire state. Those were just a few of the problems. Meanwhile healthcare is doing well, showing profits, and experiencing steady employment gains even in this economy. Sorry I can't see the arguement that we needed to spend my tax dollars on stimulating healthcare related jobs. Makes no sense at all

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