I watched Carlos' story and that was pretty sobering. Not that I was drunk when I watched it...you know what I mean.

The stats at the end were the most startling, I thought.

The "Sick Around the World" doc gets really interesting when you look at the whole thing because they show four or five countries, how they structured their healthcare systems and what the inherent flaws with each system are. The idea is all about which lessons might Americans learn from each of these other systems and how could they be incorporated into the current healthcare system - what would the major challenges be and such.

The one question they asked in every single country was "How many people go bankrupt due to medical bills each year in your country" and in every case, they look at the guy like he was speaking in tongues...none, no one has ever gone bankrupt, etc. is the answer every time. If you can find the whole show, you wouldn't regret it, I'm sure.

From our perspective up here in the frosty north, any improvement would be a good improvement. I for one, think the US is taking steps in the right direction.

Not to imply that our system should be the model for everyone else either, we need to do a lot of work up here to sort out our own issues too.