Another piece of cud I've been chewing on for the past week or so...

Why not implement a federal sales tax on all goods (tax everything, including food, clothing, and other necessities) of up to 1%, so that everybody can help bear the burden of the cost of universal health care? I previously said that a payroll tax would be better than a tax on individuals, and I still think that for the most part, but I wonder if this is a more effective way of paying for universal health care. I don't see it proper than any one group (e.g. wealthy...and, no, I'm nowhere near wealthy or will never see anything close to great wealth in my life unless I hit the lottery) should bear the majority of financial burden to subsidize health care for the entire country. Under a national sales tax, everybody contributes. Makes me wonder how popular an idea universal health care would be if this were proposed. I haven't seen this proposed, but I don't follow this as closely as I should, therefore I might have missed such a proposal. I shudder to think of the prospect of any new tax, but this sales tax would apply to the person buying the fancy $250,000 car as it would the person buying the $250 electronics item as it would hit the person buying the $2.50 grocery item. It would also be applicable to tourists to this country so there would be no worry about them having to pay a bill for health care should they require it while traveling here.

It will be interesting to see what twists and turns this debate takes after Thanksgiving. Personally, I think the do-nothings should be working in D.C. through Wednesday instead of going home and already start their holiday. Hopefully they will a lot of time (and receive earfuls of feedback) from some of their constituents.

Also, a new war tax is brewing. Another tax to potentially go along with the health care tax on income.

Share The Sacrafice Act of 2010

The quotes say that it has little chance of passing, but why not include this in a national sales tax instead of an income tax (like health care) so that nearly everyone can share the burden of the cost of war as the news clip states is the bill's ultimate purpose? I mean over 30% of tax returns filed have a zero or negative income tax liability, therefore perhaps this should be rolled under the national sales tax too. Income tax burden could be reduced and those dollars could funnel back into the economy to help stimulate things we jobs. There's a fat chance of any income tax reduction though with the piggies in Washington. Shame on them, however, for attempting to implement a new tax using our servicemen/women as scapegoats to fill their greedy pockets. Defense is already budgeted for and funded through income tax receipts. Yes, it may be adding to the debt, but that expenditure (not defense per se, but what is budgeted for war -- hurts to say that) will disappear once it is determined that we have no obligation in that part of the world. Also, I wonder how quickly, of if, a tax would be repealed once those obligations are fulfilled.

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