Timo, at my last employer, I think the coverage I had was maybe $40.00 per pay period (bi-weekly) for an individual, so roughly $80.00 per month. If I remember correctly, the deductible was $1,500 per year. I think max out of pocket after deductible was met was $3,000 with the co-insurance being 80%/20%. It covered nearly everything (medical, dental, vision, etc.). The company for whom I worked was self-insured. Aetna did the administration/processing. The only thing for which I was ever denied in seven years was a bite-guard to spare my teeth damage from my bruxism. It kind of irked me, but I didn't have time to fight it so I sucked it up. I somehow think that was largely Aetna's doing. All of that was three years ago, so I'm sure that premiums have increased a bit.

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