Bre'r Lon:


I think Elmer is alive, he is hitting the bottle and is well armed. But I am not so sure He will achieve all the things in the way you might expect

I know Elmer is alive and well as the flim flam man, but hiding that bottle pretty good...more like I wish I knew what he was smokin'!!

Unlike so many in this (newly) impoverished country, I have no positive expectations at all but like with any disease (we have governmentitis or governmentinoma), the game is avoiding being done to before we can become doers!

Walk away and it's my own fault, but at least walk away laughing... No chance for any statesmen, not a single Gandhi on the horizon, either. Good weather for gas masks and flack jackets.

Let's see,,,if my food lasts a year but my ammunition only lasts three months...guess I need some more calculations. Need to pour another of them cocktails make mine Molotov, bartender!