Hi Jaybird:

I think you are totally right to be taking the time to making some predictions about the kind of scenarios that will likely be taking place here if a universal health care plan is passed

We will undoubtedly be hearing new stories about lazy people who have the ability to work, and will be even less motivated to do so if they get health care services, there will be some that say to themselves: "why go out and get a job to get health care benefits if now I can just go see a doctor for free?"

And I've listened to talk radio shows where they emphasize the abuse that takes place today in some of our other existing social services, stories about the "welfare queens" that pull up to the social service offices in limousines, wearing expensive clothes, to pick up their unemployment checks

I wish it could be possible to enact precise legislation that would target those kind of people perfectly, and although maybe after a few years of seeing what takes place, amendments and changes to the laws could do a better job of it, but it will be impossible to prevent all of that, and there WILL be resentment from the people who are hard-working and angry that a portion of their tax money is going to those lazy good-for-nothings

but right now, it's just gone absurdly far the OTHER way, we've got instead way too many stories about the CEO's of the insurance companies getting huge salaries, for instance, Ron Williams, CEO of Aetna in 2008 taking home $24,300,112

Williams 2008 compensation

and way, way too many stories about people getting dropped from their coverage, denied access to health care from these companies, when if you read their histories, it's immediately obvious that it happened for no other reason than it wasn't profitable to keep processing their monthly payments

and check out this one, regarding how much more US citizens pay for the SAME services, and the quote saying ""Our Lipitor must be four to ten times a good as the Lipitor that Canadians take."

Comparison of health care costs