I don't think it is necessary to stereotype everybody in the state of Georgia as a "tea-bagger". Additionally, there is a big difference between federal disaster assistance and wasteful, "dead end" stimulus money.

Also, why shouldn't those opposed to big government get social security checks? They were forced to pay into the system and did pay into the system, so now you automatically think this is the government's money and is there's to do with as they please handing it out to any and every open hand in the street? Come on man! I don't get your logic. Also, I'm sure there are many out there that would gladly take their money back (with interest) from the ponzi scheme that social security is. However, if you've paid in, no matter what you think of the system, you are eligible to receive benefits.

Well, Jay, apparently your view of hypocrisy is different from mine, so there's nothing for it.

And I'm sure you know that most SS recipients get back way, way more than they put in, so your main point is a weak one, whether you can follow the logic or not, man.

And that "wasteful" stimulus money you refer to has kept 500,000 people (and counting) in their homes who otherwise might have lost them, has succeeded in restoring more than half of what we all lost from our 401ks at the end of the last administration, has reduced the income tax burden on the middle class, and has returned many auto-workers to their jobs, and that's only with a small portion of the money -- more great things are to come in the next few years, whether you like it or not. I'm sure all the people who received this help think a bit differently than you, and how fortunate that is.

Regardless, I think we're getting off-topic here, so I'll let this be my final word on the subject and leave the field to you to muddy up.