Well, Dow:

I am an evil R, and take issue with a few distortions You have exposed.

Senator Lieberman, of course, who does have a "D"

It is 2009 and Senator Liberman actually has an I after his name now, just like Socialist Bernard Sanders, who always sides with the angelic Ds.

The Clinton surplus was actually the Reagan peace dividend, now squandered by the effects of those seeds sown by Clinton himself (war on terror, real estate bust, and deals with China that have cost US millions of jobs and deals with multinational corporations that have locked out US competition).

Trickle-down theory might be that a rising tide lifts all boats. This was patently true in our former representative republic. In fact John Stossel did a story comparing the living standards of poor in the USA versus actual poor people in India and other places. The poor almost anywhere else in the world would rather be poor in the USA than where they are. Having seen these levels of true poverty first-hand, living and working in countries like India, Philippines, and S. Korea, I got an education and a renewed appreciation for our socially responsible, trickle-down structure we provide to our less fortunate in USA.

The gap between rich and poor widened most during the greedy Clinton era, but he gave us so much morethat oh so shining paragon of D virtues, who:

1) Provided, in concert with Bernard Schwartz of Loral (formerly Ford Aerospace), sensitive military information to enemies in exchange for money and trade incentives.
2) Took $10M cash bribe to protect Lippo Group market in low sulfur coal from US-produced coal based upon fraudulent environmental claims (a forged EIR).
3) Started a war using cluster bombs against innocent civilians.
4) Never brought the attackers of USS Cole to justicethat would almost certainly have prevented 9-11.
5) Gutted the most important banking regulations that had previously prevented de facto conflict of interest.
6) Told the Taiwanese that he supports a one China policy.
7) Forced banks to stop red-lining, and provide poor-risk loans that are now in default.
8) Pardoned major tax-cheat and oil dealer to embargoed enemies Marc Rich.
9) Enriched his friends in Little Rock who built a disastrous boondoggle coal-fired plant in India that never worked, and they have also produced one in China, thanks to the Lippo bribe. That plant does finally work, but only thanks to the French engineers called in to rescue the project.
10) Travelgate, Whitewatergate, Vince Fostergate, Mena AR, and the list goes on and on while his capital L Liberal True Believers and Fellow Travellers have a big blind spot. Hypocrisy of this magnitude is, in my opinion the real evil.

And today we are again taxing and spending ourselves into oblivion just as if we never learned the lessons of fascism, communism, or the Jimmy Carter years. What our country is currently engaged in is self-destruction and it will be Healthcare that breaks the camels back.

Of course nobody knows what is in the bill, but from some accounts we pay now and dont get covered for another four years. Tell everyone in your family to get sick later

Many years I lived amongst Liberals and counted many as close friends. Eventually all but one lied to menot big lies that mattered, but time-wasting lies that I consider evil. At the core of every capital L D is a lie that emanates a first moment about the mean of hypocrisy that leads to the second node of cruelty and the third result is always the lack of personal responsibilitywimping out and never properly owning a problem, but they are first to take credit for anything good (like the internet, surpluses, and Nobel Peace Prizes for stuff that never even happened).

I am also probably evil for even observing the attributes of the committed L (always a D), but I fight this problem all the time. While science begins with the most liberal positions on everything, the goal of science is to evaluate and eliminate as many theories as possible until there is just one theory left that becomes a law. Whenever this is finally accomplished, there are complaints from people who cant handle the truth, because a truth seems just too dogmatic, too unforgiving and cruelthe truth is fully tyrannical.

Evil John