This post seems to acquiring an “America bashing” tone and I'm not sure why. I still struggle to understand why the Canadians are so interested in what happens in regard to health insurance reform in the United States.

I'm sorry to have it come across this way. Not my intention. Not to downplay our own country, but on a macro level, we are like the fly on the back of your head. It matters greatly how you move to us and many times you wouldn't even know we're here. On a micro level, I also have relatives in the States so it does affect me. I did post that I sincerely hope you guys work it out the best way possible in a previous post.

Also, I did not say anywhere that capitalism does not work well in the States. I actually thought about putting it in afterwards that It runs amazingly in your own country as well! The freedom thing, people see this as a government take-over and are coorelating it to a loss of their freedom. I was saying that maybe to question the tax dollars and not the reform itself originally.

How your taxes are divied up were only stated as "IMO"s which are "in my opinion" where I said that I think that everyone should have their health taken care of because they do belong to a "group" of people and do participate in the things that the group does (sometimes whether they like it or not). Just an IMO.

22% includes EI, CPP, and Income tax on a Provincial and Federal Level.

The ROW (rest of world) regards Canadians as Americans far more than you would believe. I've seen it time and time again in my travels (I've been Corrected when I said no I'm not American, I'm Canadian, and then they said "its the same thing") so I try to stay abreast of what's going on (and think every Canadian should).

Basically I was just trying to open thought on another perspective. There are great fears in the States about this reform and many Americans would believe that our system is opressive and could never be the (or an) answer. I believe that I am free to do whatever I want (morally and legally of course) in the country that I live and just trying to eliminate some fears of the unknown.

Hey, somebody stole my quote! - Me