Timo Many americans have no clue what their heath care insurance costs as the employer covers much of it. For some reason that means it is free to the employee or not to bad. Such flawed logic is common. Health insurance costs are crippling US business from a competitive standpoint against foreign competition that does not pay for employee health care.

My health care is covered by my employer but it cost them $12,000 a year to cover a family of four.

I have a $1,000 deductible and spent that much before any insurance coverage kicks in.

After the $1,000 I pay 30% and my insurance covers 70% until I have paid individually $3,000 or family total of $6,000 out of my pocket. Then my insurance covers all costs.

So this year I will pay $6,000 in health costs and my employer will pay $12,000 to keep me and my family in insurance. Great deal huh and my coverage is considered pretty good around my area.

I have a maximum of 1 million dollars of coverage in my lifetime.

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