Curious to know, Chris, more about which one (or all) of my thoughts you disagree on?

I was merely disagreeing in general from standing in my republican shoes, that I am to be feared, that I am against reform from the democratic party, or that I have waved my health insurance policy over someone less fortunate.

As for mistrust or lack of trust in the government to pull this off? I don't know. I guess it depends on whether you watch CNN or Fox.. Do I have mistrust or lack of trust, Sure I do. Just as we all do, or else we wouldn't be having this discussion or have a vote to change the powers that be in Washington or any level. Do I want to see healthcare reform fail? Heck No! It directly effects me and my future accessibility to healthcare.

This is and has been a political hot potato for years. And yes we have to be somewhat political in discussing it. After all we are talking about politicians!!

A little good back and forth doesn't hurt. I just wish that Washington could get along as well as ASKickers..

Keep Kickin'AS