I guess I interpreted that blog post a little differently. He, based on what I interpreted, is basically stating that the healthcare system (sickcare as he termed it) is broken no matter who foots the bill. He also was attempting to make a point that private entities (insurers, etc.) are in cahoots with the state. It is a similar concept to that of what took place with the bailouts. Privatize profits and publicize losses.

I'm attempting to see this health insurance reform thing constructively, full spectrum if you will. Us versus them (Dems vs. Repubs...where in the end they will both sell the American public out) perpetuate the status quo.

I may be a little more optimistic, don't see it as impossible to fix, and not so much as a thing between Dems vs Repubs BUT between the public and the health care giants

I DO see resistance from those who would not like this to be a feather-in-the-cap for Obama, and increase his chance of re-election...

and like I said, I'm not so naive to think that this would be the end of scandals regarding payoffs from the health care companies to influence legislation, I have no doubt that we will continue to see that, but that this will move things in the right direction.


A couple of thoughts on the Congressman's words...

Regarding Veteran's Health Benefits...nothing will change for a person under Veteran's Benefits. That means that they will continue to receive the same level of questionable care that they currently receive. No improvements. I must be missing something on this one.

Well, the health care reform isn't specifically aimed at veterans, more about bringing health care to people that have none at this time. But on that subject, there are other improvements being brought about now:

Administration, Congress Seek To Provide More Assistance To Homeless, Jobless Vets. According to the Christian Science Monitor (11/12, 48K), the Obama Administration is "trying to accelerate support for military veterans who are homeless or jobless." New initiatives by the President Obama, Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki, "and by members of Congress focus on improving" vets' living standards. Shinseki recently "convened a national summit aimed at ending homelessness among vets within five years." Several "bills in Congress...aim to support Shinseki's goal." Obama, meanwhile, "signed an executive order Monday establishing a new interagency Council on Veterans Employment to encourage" Federal "hiring of former service members." The initiatives come "as a recession has added to challenges that war veterans often face."


Regarding the illegal aliens. Sure, they are left out of the bill. In other words, now they don't have to pay any taxes like citizens do if they do not procure suitable coverage, yet they will still get, what amounts to care at no cost, through Emergency Rooms. Best of both worlds.

Emergency room only coverage is not comparable to real health care! And their treatment here is nothing compared to what we as vacationers to other countries would get, for instance if you were to visit the UK, get sick, need medical assistance, the coverage would be free, as it would be for UK citizens

Or how about the recent story about John McCain's mother, who needed medical care after falling while being in Portugal, wonder how much she had to pay?


Regarding his spiel about "evading taxation, etc". He's basically telling you that a new tax is on the way. Who do you think is going to enforce that? The IRS. IRS agents carry guns. Fabulous.

Gun carrying IRS agents??! They just do the paperwork, send out notices of delinquent tax payments, put the ball in motion that can lead to a court date, and due process.

Personally, I'm not at this moment concerned about paying more in taxes health care reform, last I looked, I'm definitely not one of the top 0.3 percent of US citizens, pretty sure I'm not going to be making more than $500,000 a year adjusted gross income any time soon!