I just don't understand.

Canada: I pay a little over 20% in taxes from income. I accept that because the stats say that 1 in 2 people who smoke in their life will cost the health care system X amount of dollars so I pay for the over 100% tax on cigarettes if I want a pack (about 10 bucks. I hear the Indian packs are 3 bucks)

I go to emergency, the hospital, or any doctor, I pay nothing. I wait for nothing. I see the doctors I want. I show a card. I never fill out a form. I never pay a cent.

I don't understand why Americans don't question HOW they got to paying upwards of 50% taxes from income and NOT get any healthcare out of the deal?

I did have a whole other paragraph that I deleted cause I just read to keep politics out of it. I do think this goes hand in hand though. Had nothing to do with any parties in particular, just wanted to answer the rhetorical question I placed above.

I hope I did not offend anyone.

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