Hi Pete,

Yeah, I should be happy about it. I'm over 60 and will soon need my health insurance covered, but because I'm over 60, when the Gov. says, "don't worry" I worry. When they say that "There will be recommendations about what procedures," I'm pretty sure those recommendations will come with some pretty heavy strings attached. With the insurance industry, if they say I can't have a procedure (or they recommend I don't have a procedure) I can always appeal to a higher authority. That authority may, in fact, be the government. With the Gov. there is no higher authority, so I'm done. And I believe that is what the folks are nervous about. Those of us who managed to live through Vietnam don't always trust the politicians of any party.

First and foremost, thank you for your service; it is very much appreciated. And I hope you know that I really mean that.

But to get to your point, don't let your fears distort reality. It's obviously human to fear the unknown and yes, nothing is written in stone about the final form of the bill, but the end result of what the administration wants is for less interference from insurance companies; all those horror stories about them refusing coverage for vital exams and procedures are why reform is needed and why they're trying to pass it.

I know you want what's best for this country and I hope you know that we do as well; I'm hoping you'll be pleasantly surprised by the final form of the legislation and that it does what was promised (who knows anymore thanks to having so many cooks in the kitchen). But anything has to be better than what we have now, which for me is no insurance at all thanks to our wonderful disease -- no one will cover me and I don't qualify for Medicaid, so I definitely need help.

Hang in there, and let's hope the politicians get this done right, both sides.