I always get concerned when the govt gets involved in anything. There are usually 'hidden' rules that actually tie people up so the govt pays less. I've seen it in the medical community, disaster zones, public school systems, etc.

I have a child that is on a special medicaide that only pays for care from specialists .... only their approved ones. The only problem is that I have lost a voice in her care. Some things I will fight, others I will not. I know where my line is drawn and I accept that she will be pulled from the care when I stand up for that line.

I just wish our insurance system would graduate to the 21st century and allow for alternative health care as well. I spend a LOT more money each month on this type of health care because it helps me more than tradiditional medical care. My insurance doesn't cover very much of anything. My hubby works so we can pay for medical care.

Maybe things would be different if the health insurance was run as a non-profit company? I know there's still high salaries in non-profit groups, but maybe the profit as a whole would be less.

~ Trudi: homeschooling mom to 6: 16,14,11,9,7, 6 mos