Also, I don't understand your comment about green??? Am I green like eco-green, like a "green horn", or are you calling yourself green? Help me understand. Also, liberal times? Please help me understand.

I was making a joke about your green "Incredible Hulk" avatar, sorry if I am being typically obscure

related topic for another day perhaps, the whole controversy about Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" and all that, people who are advocating we take the global warming situation seriously are often called "green" and are in direct opposition to industrialized Big Business, who claim that it is all a bunch of hoopla

Once mistakenly got into one of those backyard BBQ discussions with my nephew in Phoenix. He is convinced that the whole thing is a left-wing conspiracy

And I was "Of course you can think that, standing out here under the ever-beautiful blue skies of Arizona! In New York City, we can see the difference in the skies between the middle of the day, and then the smog during rush hour, when all those cars are piled up bumper to bumper!"