Personally, I would rather my Dr. and I decide on my treatment, not my government or my insurance company. So, if we are going to fix something, we should be concentrating on fixing this: Get those who don’t know beans about medicine out of medical decisions. And that is what the Town Hall folks are yelling about.

Well, some of them anyway. But that fear is unfounded as nothing in any bill in either house will result in the govt. making medical decisions. The decision is and always will be between you and your doctor. There will be recommendations about what procedures have worked before (hoping to cut down on expensive tests that have failed to work in similar cases), but nothing will DEMAND that doctors follow the panel's advice. And the desire to keep the insurance companies from disallowing or not covering certain tests/procedures will be met with the proposed reform, so you should be happy that reform is coming -- I think you'll like it.

In the end the town halls were very successful, because through the discussion, mostly civil (the media covered only the loud ones), good information was available to those who wanted to hear something beyond fear tactics.