Hi, Anna:

It is said that in the ancient Roman world, people with arthritis were not taxed by the state. This would be a good thing today, also. In actual fact, the repressive taxes now required just to service the debt will make it impossible to address healthcare in any meaningful way.

The pabulum provided to and by the media in general is not the real story at all. There is a major swindle going on and every aspect of it is ultimately controlled by the unions. The public needed a distraction and the Gordian Knot of healthcare happened to be perfect subterfuge. Don't get any hopes up; the real action is very different than what we are FED.

In my own experience, I was very blessed with good insurance, but today my wife is uninsured and we have "Plan B." Well, it is Plan B for a lot of things, it seems but she is a Filipina, so we can go to Philippines any time we want for medical care. The work I had done on my teeth early this year paid for my trip. And I can get any blood test I want there and buy most drugs that I'm interested in without first bribing some clown in a lab coat.

The entire medical industry got too greedy, it is true, but what the politicians never mention is something called 'tort reform.' The reason the politicians never discuss this is because they are LAWYERS and proper measures would put a lot of them out of business.

Think about who creates the wealth of a nation (and jobs)--and lawyers are not on this list, nor are doctors, unions, bankers, or politicians. But these guys are running the country and pretending to fix healthcare, while union jobs are secured at any cost but it is a temporary sham that will come crashing down before anyone can do anything about it.

So fear not, although change is inevitable, sometimes that change we hoped for is not in the direction we would have envisioned for ourselves.

BE HEALTHY (and careful, too),