Oh, I was under the impression that tort reform of some sort was a part of this bill, isn't it John?

We have measures in place (in Canada) to protect healthcare practitioners against 'frivolous' lawsuits, laws against those few who would pursue case after case after case eyes and yet this is balanced with the patient's rights also. It is very difficult here to sue a doctor and yet, if you have just cause, you certainly can do. Yes, reasonable regulations and restrictions need to be in place, otherwise we'll be left without doctors willing to perform the riskiest of procedures and thank goodness for them. The rising costs of healthcare are an ongoing challenge for every country, though likely not to the extent that the US has been and is experiencing.

On another note, I just want to correct what a few have stated earlier on in this thread. In my understanding of it, healthcare in Canada is not an enshrined Right. Equality of access is a right! The two are quite different.

Merry Christmas!