I had looked into this Singapore model a while ago. I had to refresh my knowledge (memory) of how it works. A significant portion is funded through Health Savings Accounts (MediSave). It's my perception that individuals here that want government health insurance are wanting a single tier type system where they are burdened with basically no cost (wanting all these supposedly rich people to pay for it).

Also, Singapore has a population similar to that of the state of Wisconsin. I don't know if such a model, this Tri-Setup (MediSave and the other two), would be effective here. However, it is something that should definitely be considered by the folks writing this legislation. It is perceived as a very unique system and should be seriously considered.

One of my biggest concerns with this whole health care plan is that it is being pushed through at light speed when I'm not sure if anybody has really taken the time to develop an effective plan or thought through the implications of this legislation. Then if/when some portion of it sours, you'll hear people call it "The Law of Unintended Consequences" Bull! It's because someone didn't take time to stop and think things through.

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