I know its early days, but I just wanted the share this.

My husband has been recently diagnosed with AS but thankfully it is not very advanced and that's how we want it to stay. He's nearly 50 now. He used to get a lot of night sweats when he was in his late 20's/ early 30's, over a period of couple of years. This has since been linked to his condition. Since that time he had a lot of lumbar pain which we thought was mechanical injury due to sports. He found sitting very uncomfortable so travel was difficult.

He has had Chiro for many years to free up his lumbar and pelvis (sacro iliac) area . Slowly his back pain got better over the years. When pain got worse he would go to the chiro for a very gentle adjustment ( he has experienced some very forceful chiros who did not help at all), with some low grade pain being present all the time. This past year he has also had trouble with his eye on and off.

About 6 months ago his chiro suggested he saw a Kinesiologist regarding nutrition. She put him on some supplements and suggested dietary changes very similar to low starch diets, but said not to get to burdened down with it.

Recently, after a gap of over 15 years around Christmas he had 3 night sweats in close proximity indicating a flare up. He was also feeling very tired which we wondered was linked to good living of Christmas food; so we cut down on processed sugary treats and started doing wheat free.

At that point I contacted the forum and also gleaned some very helpful dietary information. The result was us trying to reduce starch in general also. No wheat or grains, rice or potato, no lactose.

I have started to do more home cooking and making food which is safe to eat, and also allowing plenty of suitable foods for snacks.

The changes we have made so far which are not as strict as they could be so there is still some scope, have meant that he now has no low grade pain in his sacro iliac area for 3 consecutive days.

This is new and must be the result of the dietary change which has occurred slowly since 6 months ago and more recently since has been taken the diet more seriously !!

Thanks to Kickas for the support and information that has made a difference so far.