hello ravirajhn,
i hope it`s ok to post here.

first i have to say that the best method is to test for yourself, not everything i red on this forum matched perfectly, i had to try.
in the beggining, i avoided almost everything was in the list which had more than 5% starch and the nightshades. when i tried anything besides that, my body seemed to react.
Also, i tried to to keep sugar level very low. That included fruits, which i had a max 3 a day. Chocolate, only around 15 grams of 70% cocoa or darker per day.
In the beggining was very hard, i was always hungry, but Almonds, walnuts, tahini paste and other nuts saved me.
After a while your body will go along to the diet and you won`t feel hungry so often.
Remeber, this may not work for you, but this list contains 95% of my diet.
Nuts, sesame, cabage, SAUERKRAUT, cucumber, cauliflower, carrots, beetroot, onion, green beans, broccoli, cheese, KEFIR, yoghurt(with added bifidus and lactobacili) and meat (all kinds)
Apples, bananas, pears, melon, berries, coconut and sometimes citruses.
And for desert - dark chocolate
I also used very much apple cider vinegar, which besides the benefic effect some say it has , it also was very good for my digestive system.
And of course, sport, keep your joints on the move every day but don`t go to hard.

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