Hi everyone

It's ben a year since my husband restricted starches (no potato, no rice, no wheat, no grains. We make soup broth and almond cookies from scratch. he eats lots of fruit. He has taken different nutritional supplements along the way, suggested by his alternative health practitioner. SHe has also suggested other foods he should give up, such as nightshades.

Several years previous to this my husband had given up tea and coffee as he had tingling in his fingers. This helped his fingers.

If you check back on my posts you will see cutting starches very quickly cut out the sacroilliac pain, which was his main problem. AS Dragonslayer hinted to me, the road was not to be as smooth as one hoped, but the sacro pain has never returned.

WHat did happen was the joints of his fingers started to swell and be painful. He also had a couple of episodes of iritis. His consulatant rheumatologist was concerned and wanted him to start Sulphasalzine. Naturally as my husband was not on any medication (because of previous side effects) he was loathed to do this.

His diet practictioner then looked at his diet again and suggested we cut out salmon, loch trout, sea fish because of the effects of concentration of pollutants from the sea may be affecting him. The only fish he eats now is fresh water trout.

SInce he has given up sea fish , the finger swelling has completely disappeared. RESULT !!

He is just feeling so much better now. Hope this helps you.