I have had various gut issues with Candida, blastocystis and klebsiella. I have no idea whats there right now but my symptoms of fatigue, back pain and brain fog etc have disappeared completely. This took 4 weeks for me to have improvement, then 8 weeks to have complete relief after starting the diet. Things I seem to still have an issue with in addition to starch are fruits and vitamin b (which I think I have isolated to inositol) they cause me to suffer from fatigue (no pain though). My weight has stabilised and the only real remaining thing I have which I am unsure about is a slightly coated tongue, but if I also avoid carrots that starts to disappear (Thats the only root veg I eat). If anyone has any info on that please let me know. I hope at some point I will tolerate fruit but for the moment it seems to make me slightly fatigued, even low sugar berries. Again any ideas or information would be appreciated.

Supplements are fish oil and vitamin e. With 30hr yogurt and acidophilus probiotics. All once in the morning and again in the evening.