I read your story with great interest as your story is very
similar to mine. I am doing NSD along with some enzymes, Wobenzyme and some other from Japan as well as regular vitamines and mineral supplements. I have not felt so good for years. I'm 62 and have had AS symptoms ever since I returned from a mission trip to India. My stomach was a mess. I lost weight. But I gradually got better. Then the aches and pains came. My neck went stiff and feet decided to get stiff and sore. I kept getting stiffer shoes which was not smart as my feet got more stiff. Now with PT and execise my feet are getting better. The diet has calmed down my neck. Now it's a slow process of regaining strength lost during 2 years of near immobility. Hope all is going well. Take care.

Newly diagnosed. Exploring options. Collecting info. Asking questions.