With AIP way of eating I was pain free for the time I tried it but very stiff necked with forward leaning posture tendencies. Blood work during this time showed a sed rate of 22 and CRP of 2. Pretty close to normal ranges.

Switched to a whole food/plant based style. I wasn't worried about starchy fruits or veggies or even non gluten grains, so things like rice, quinoa, and potatoes were green lighted. With or without AS, this way of eating agrees with me. I should note I'm not vegan, as I will partake of seafood on weekends. Blood work on this diet: sed rate dropped to 4; CRP was .5. I was elated. My neck began to loosen tremendously and posture was straight. I could really mask my mobility limitations quite well. I started this way of eating about 5 months ago as it made the most sense to me in regards to healing leaky gut and overall health.

A little over a month ago weird pains came back to my lower back. I tried to shake it off because of the dread of the truth. A week later I was in full blown flare up mode, the likes of which I haven't felt in probably 4-5 years. I forgot how horrible they were. It's just now starting to vanish. Normally I'm a staunch anti-med type, but I gladly took a round of prednisone (I begged for) which I credit for getting me out of the woods.

After reflecting about things while I was in the throes and reading a lot, I realized I'd been on a run of eating a ton of nightshades in the days before and during the flare up. I also decided I needed to give up my coffee and LaCroix habit to go easy on the gut. I plan to reintroduce nightshades eventually because I'm sick of constantly deleting food options. I'm also sick of constantly evaluating diet.

I've never tried the no starch diet and do not intend to. I'm plenty thin enough and high maintenance as it is.

In conclusion, I don't know what to think anymore. Like I previously typed, I love the whole food plant base diet, but I am dubious to all the miracle cure and disease reversal claims promised by those who follow it. I want to believe I can control AS with diet and I've certainly tried as many things as you have, but I'm starting to believe the doctors I've tried to defy and am open to considering meds. I'm going to Mayo in a couple of weeks and I know the end result will probably be to prescribe me with a biologic. This time I'm on board.

I am also grateful for last night's great sleep and today's pretty good outlook. Good luck to everyone else.