Hi, I'm from Brazil and I'm 34.
I had back pain since I was 14, always treated as bad posture or sports injury... once or twice a year I would take NSAID for a few days and be Ok again.
In September of 2010 I had a terrible and persistent pain. Orthopedist recomended NSAID for a week and physiotherapy, but pain persisted for months. MRI of spine showed lesion on lower back and degeneration but no inflamation (the lesion on the spine confused the diagnostics, the real pain was comming from an inflamation on my sacroiliac joint and it took 4 months to be discovered).
In January my knee began to ache and then my shoulders. I went to 3 different orthopedists but they never mentioned arthrits.
I was deppressed and feeling very bad, my doghther was born in December and I couldn't help my wife as I did with our first son because it was such a pain to wake in the night.
I knew that something was wrong with me and started searching the internet, where I learned about arthrits and I was sure I had that.
Went to Rheumatologist in March of 2011, a very good one, and even before the results of blood tests and MRI of sacroiliac joint she told me to start taking NSAIDS. On the next visit she said that what I have was probably AS.
Well, that was scary but comforting at the same time. At least I knew who my enemy was. Today I think I'm lucky because some people take years to be diagnosed.
My life changed after that: I lost 30 pounds in 6 months, began pilates and cycling (as soon as my pain got under control) and my diet changed dramatically.
I remember I read about the NSD but gave no credit to it. The information in portugese (my native lenguage) is very poor.
At the end of 2011 I was felling very good, but still taking 3 NSAID per week and something very interesting happened.
In December I went on vacation and gained some weight. I decided to loose it in a week with a kind of Low-carb diet. Weel as you can imagine I felt great for almost 2 weeks, took 2 NSAIDs only. I was so happy about it but did not realize that it was from the diet.
When Christmas came I kicked the diet away and ate all kinds of delicious and starchy food on the last week of the year.
Well on January 1st I had a terrible flare that remmembered my first symptoms year and half ago. So I finally realized that it could have something to do with my diet.
I started the NSD at the same day and began searchig for information in english. That's how I found this forum and also bought Mrs Sinclair's book.
All I can tell you in 13 days of diet is that I'm already feeling so good. What really amazes me is how fast this diet showed results for me. My last NSAID was 6 days ago and I feel like I will no longer need it.

Thanks to all of you for sharing so important information. Wish you a wonderfull 2012.I will keep posting my results.