Hi guys

Sorry for not posting. That is the problem with NSD success...after a while you take it for granted.

Brief summary...

I started Low Starch Diet 6 years ago. After a few weeks I saw little improvement so I began the full NSD. I had good success but my SI joints and sporadic iritis suggested it wasn't working 100%.

My next biggest breakthrough came when I gave up beer! It was a blow but it quickened my progress.

After 1-2 years I had spotted success e.g. intermittent flares but lessening in intensity. My SI joints were still troublesome so I adopted Paleo Auto-Immune Protocol. It was super strict and very hard to follow but critical in my ultimate success.

6 years on I am pretty much totally recovered. I can now eat a LSD with chocolate, cider and nuts.

This is me being interviewed by a celebrity chef in Australia (Pete Evans).

There is no great secret to NSD success. It all comes down to persistence and patience.

In the words of my favourite rock band the ultra-socialist Redskins "keep on keepin' on it!"


I have also posted this in the main forum.