I started in October 09 with a little voice in my head saying "it won't work, of course". I don't know why I was so sceptical, but I've had so many people telling me their different remedies for psoriasis and arthritis that I got to tune them all out eventually.

This NSD worked for me. Like the previous post, I'm not as strict as I could be - I haven't had the iodine out for a while and don't worry about pill coating, for example - but I do follow quite closely.

For some reason, a small amount of bread doesn't seem to have negative effects, but any potato and it starts to kick in again.

I'm just waiting to get better again after having some hot chips on my holiday, and perhaps I'll try a little sushi. I do miss sushi.

Essentially though, the benefits have been great. My stomach trouble subsided greatly. My joint pain improved too - I still have a little, but perhaps that is because I'm not strict enough. It's totally manageable though.