Hello My name is Evan I am 21 year old from Ottawa Canada. Here is an e-mail I sent to my AnkSpon buddy in Australia. It is a good summary of how my AS went into remission and how I got off all nsaids and other prescription drugs that help short term but make things worse long term. Have a wee read if you'd like and feel free to ask questions about my experience.

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G'day Geoff

How are things? Did you end up giving CMO[Cetyl Myristoleate] a try? Any results?

I reduced my LDN [low dose neltrexon] to 1.5 mg from 4.5 mg the last time I was talking to you and still experienced some brain fog..dizzy..anxious symptoms so I went off it again. Right after I quit the LDN I started CMO along side a fairly good dose of Glucosamine Sulfate and a couple other supplements. I seemed to experience some relief for about a month. I got fed up again and started reading into nutrition a lot more, I already knew low starch diet gave some relief. Next to go was all gluten and sugars...more relief, then all night shade veggies...more relief.

Somewhere in my readings I came across someone talking about water only fasting for disease especially autoimmune. Talked to my doctor about it and he thought I was bat [*bleep*] crazy and to be honest i thought it was a little nuts too. I then came across a book called Fasting and Eating for Health: A Medical Doctor's Program for Conquering Disease by Dr. Fuhrman (he's chummy with dr Oz and dr Weil). This book really changed my view on western med.. I then started looking for clinics that will do a supervised water only fast, I only found one in north america called True North Health Centre located in Santa Rosa California and ran by Dr. Goldhamer(who actually interned with a doctor who supervised fasts in Australia 30 years ago).

So after many over the phone conversations with True North I took a wee trip to California to Check It out. I ended up staying a month doing a two day pre fast (fruit and veg only) then a 14 day water only Fast followed by a re-feed [day of fresh juice, a day of raw veg and fruit, a day of raw and steamed veg, and finally a week of a very strict vegan diet with no added salt oils and sugars (even no honey, maple syrup, olive oil, gluten ex..)].

I'm happy to say the results were amazing ..SI joints released, thought they were fused. shoulder healed, joint mobility increased, muscles relaxed, irritable bowel and colitis symptoms disappeared brain fog gone, depression gone, mood swings gone...the list goes on. Another strange thing that happened was old injuries from the rugby and football days that didn't bother me started to hurt intensely for about 5 days then went away..almost like my body was healing them..I have read this can happen. Also I am off all over the counter and prescription Drugs!

As you can see I am doing well sticking to healthy eating (not completely vegan but try to eat naturally fed meat or a lot less animal protein.. and no oil salt or sugar) reduced alcohol intake. Also I have started a regular exercise routine mostly just cardio right now..haven't been able to jog in a couple years now..as each day goes by i am able to run or bike longer and longer.

Thanks again for all your help with AS..I think I have found something that will work for me (at least for now) and hopefully be able to stay off those crazy drugs.

Water fasting is not for everyone and may sound crazy at first, as it did to me, but It actually works and in a short period.



So there is a little brief summary of my experience. It is recommended that one should be medically supervised if fasting longer than 5 days and one should not be on any medicine including natural supplements while fasting.

Feel Free to Email me with any questions at evan.donnelly@hotmail.com just please make sure you put ANKSPON or something related in subject bar..or can msg me on here.

Go kick some AS