I have not been diagnosed with AS but just tested positive for HLA B27 2 weeks ago. I have been battling iritis for about 5 weeks, for the first time. The opthalmologist tried to step me down from every 2 hours to 4 times a day on the prednisolone drops and I had a bad re-flare which was not getting better as fast as he expected. He gave me one more week to be almost 100% inflammation-free or it was time for a shot in the eye. But every morning I would wake up with redness and a little bit of pain. Finally I did some research on my own and found this site. Upon reading that a low starch diet had helped so many people (and that so many had the iritis come back without the diet!) I decided to give it a try. I had done low carb about 10 years ago and lost 50 pounds so I had a good idea of what I could and could not eat for the most part.

2 days after cutting the starch/carbs my eye no longer was red or painful - and it was the day of my dreaded appointment. The doctor was amazed that after every other checkup being a "disappointment" this one suddenly was great - the swelling was almost 100% gone. So we are now starting the stepdown regime for the drops.

I am so thankful for finding this website!!

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