I'm not saying NSAIDs don't work. I had help from NASAIDs for the month but at the cost of my bones feeling different, making cricky-boo sounds and my gut changing. I felt like I was very borderline with AS prior and taking them for that month threw me over the edge into full AS. I switched within a month to other options and balance.

I found my solutions to be effective. I keep to pineapple enzyme (COX-2 inhibitor) for each meal. I focus on meat, mostly fish, with a steak on a Friday night and high quantity good fats which mostly come from avocados for me, plus (minimum of 4.55 mg in fish oil each day like the Alaskan Inuit diet). I include onions, garlic and asparagus in every meal that I can include it. My solution was an extreme amount of broccoli when I get too hungry or need to eat out. There is something about the stems that completely help.

When I do eat a pizza or starch, I listen to my body better than most people and will notice a fever within the hour, plus other reactions that indicate to me that starch is playing a role. I don't bother with starch. I'll use coconut flour or almond flour when needed.

I had huge success with turmeric -- but -- I stopped because I had very high levels of copper in my blood from the product. Do you know of any products that don't contain copper? I have not been able to solve this aspect.

Don't confuse movement with actions.