Hi keit_nufc1

Echos my experience exactly - first I went just wheat and Corn free 23 years ago and supplemented with Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc and Selenium. But the thing I noticed the most was Beer or Guinness would cripple me for a week - sore hips, ribs, should blades. I later gave up Rye and now Oats too.

It was one of the reasons I didn't at first engage with the LSD and this website - as there were too many people saying beer was OK.

Then the more I learned from the internet about the disease and especially gluten too was that everyone gets intestinal permeability via gliadin (even non celiacs) - so Klebsiella or not, other stuff can flow in to challenge the immune system.

My system still allows me rice and potatoes if do not overdo it.

I was a patient of Dr. John Mansfield in the 1980's looking at dietary triggers.

As well as diet changes, I take Mag2-1Cal, Manganese, Zinc, Selenium I am > 75% better most of the time

We need more understanding of gut bacteria and intestinal permeability - with gluten being part of the jigsaw.



I'm here to share - diet and recipes.