Success Story and I need to share it... smile

I was in pain and was desperate to try anything.

Well, I read the IBS Low Starch Diet book. I started the diet on November 1st, 2009. Basically, I went super strict. Only ate meat (chicken, fish, beef or lamb) and veggies and fruits. And non lactose milk. No nuts except almonds without the skins, at first.

Well, I was on NSAID's and feared I'd have to get on the biologics but...

I improved after a week. After a couple of weeks or three, I stopped the NSAID's.

It's now December 21st. I have no pain, my colitis symptoms (bleeding) went away finally, no MEDS! My stomach no longer gets bloated after every meal. I lost the pounds I hadnt been able to. I look younger, feel stronger and have waayyy more energy.

Give it a try. How will you know if it works or not if you don't try? YEs, it's a strict diet, but it's better to be able to walk and do anything you want to!!And its a healthy diet because you eat tons of veggies and fruits. Fruits have carbs so you still get your carbs.

The book says some people are able to eat a little starch after a while. I will try to eat some later on.

Oh, and I proved its true, because I had very bad pain for a few days after eating cheesecake one time. And after eating low fat ice cream with maltodextrin; the next day I had diarrhea and had pain in my back for a few days. No more of that for me!!However, I am sure now that in case I eat something I shouldn't have, if I just wait, the pain will go away after a few days.

I have to make time now to go see my rheumy. I cancelled my last appt with him since I felt so great.

Try it. Hope it works for you.

Diagnosed with AS in August 2009