You guys saved my life. Ive been undiagnosed for four years with what i believe is AS. My mother has it, it took 5 years for her to get a diagnosis. she is now on enbrel and claims about the relief i recieved by cutting out starch.

You ever here of how they make enbrel? They insert human DNA into a hamster's ovary and harvest the proteins. So you are essentialy injecting yourself with hamsters once a week for $500/week. (google enbrel and hamsters) The side effects include death. I do hear it works real good though.

ive been LSDing since July, this works far better than any other treatment ive tried, and i bounced around from doctor to doctor for around 2 years before i gave up on them. Not one of these "specialists" ever suggested changing my diet for any other purpose besides weight loss. I shouldn't get started on doctors in america...

I can get a good nights sleep without pills now, almost every night, and ive shed ten pounds. I was going to lose my job/insurance because my manager thought my problems were alchohol or drug related. I was pretty much in pain all the time, the longer i sat or laid down the more it hurt.

This web site has given me back my life. I would have never put it together that the wheat and rice was such a major factor in my pain. The diet sucks, i miss a lot of foods i love, but starch=pain. Once you wrap that equasion around your brain the choice is clear.

Thanks again