Hello everyone,

Ive only recently become a KickAs member. Ive been visiting this site many times during the past few years. I was diagnosed with Spondyloartritis/Bechterews disease in 2011. Ive been suffering from fatigue and severe pain in my lower back since 2009.

In 2010/2011 it got worse. I wasn't able to ride a bike or even walk for months in those days. It was terrible. Ive spend nights (couldnt sleep anyway) and days trying to find a remedy for this because the medication the doctors gave me had nasty side-effects.
And then I found you guys! Thank God for the internet and for Kick As. This changed everything for me.

I read the books (Gotschalls and Sinclairs) and started the no starch diet in the winter of 2011 and felt improvement within a week. My morning stiffness disappeared. It just disappeared! I was completely surprised. Soon the pain also went away slowly, step by step.
It wasnt easy. I think this diet is not for the faint-hearted. Its hard work but you get used to it. I make my own almond bread, my own pizzas, I make 24-hour yoghurt and I drink as many green juices as I can. I have a wonderful partner supporting me in all this.

What can I say besides: thank you KickAs members, thank you so much! Your posts have helped me through my lonely painful hours and gave me a reason not to despair. A reason to stay positive. And this diet works! I can truthfully say now: IT WORKS!!!! If youre new here and wondering; please believe me: eating no starch works!!

Ive been telling everybody whos interested about this diet. Im trying to spread the word here in Holland. I hope that I can help others who are in the same position that I was in at the time.
Im still learning about food and its impact on our health. There is so much to explore and it has become an new interest. Im thinking about going back to school to become a food advisor.

I want to give everybody here my utmost respect and support on your way to a better health. Keep up the good spirit. For all you Dutch readers, Im blogging about my no starch adventures at:

Greetings from Holland!

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Diagnosed with Spondyloartritis in 2011. HLA B-27 positive. Started no starch diet in the end of 2011. Been (almost) without medication since that moment. I was a sceptic. I'm a believer now: 'let food be thy medicine'. For Dutch readers: read my story on: http://almondfigtree.wordpress.com/