Hello all,

I was recently diagnosed with AS after having years of backpain and pain in my hip (Yes, i avoided going to Doctors)I am 27 but i've had the pain in my back and hip for 6-7 years now. Well before i said "That's it!, I'm going to a Doctor" i had a really bad flare in my groin that pretty much kept me in bed for 4 days. I was floored when i found out what AS was and i am the first one in my family as far as we know.

To my surprise my PCP quickly identified my symptoms (morning stiffness that goes away with exercise, chronic back-pain) and referred me to a rhumy, and acute SI and Early onset AS is what i have.

I am on Naproxen 500mg x2 and i feel a little better but my last visit my Rhumy wanted me to start considering Humira as he saw slight changes in my SI joint from the last xray and blood-work regardless of me feeling better than ever before for the last 5 years. My world again was in dark clouds and all i could see was life long of heavy medicine that will lead to other related problems as Anti-TNFs mess with your immune system.

I had a flare again 2 weeks ago which i had to miss work for 2 days and i knew i didn't want to live this life forever this way. I started searching online relentlessly as i knew there had to be other people looking for a cure without getting sucked into pill popping wars or having to inject yourself with chemicals that cost $20K USD per year. That's when i stumbled across KickAS and my god! I think i found my new favorite site. I learned about the NSD here and i have just started it last week. I am still learning all my foods, keeping a log of what i eat and my pain levels and trying to figure out what's good or not for my system.

I feel better already within a week of No starchy foods but i know that might be psychological. I am committed to sticking with this diet and thanks to the users already posted up a list of foods and all the other priceless information about this nasty disorder. I've learned about the iodine test which i will start conducting my own test next week.

I just want to thank to all who are involved in helping us with nothing asked in return and what an unbelievable community this is.

I can only look forward to getting better reading your success stories and doing the things i love to do with my loved ones!

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