Just an UPDATE!

Still here - still on NSD, what has it been like 5 years or something? Not sure.

Diet still working very very well, along with exercise I am at 99% reduction of the disease unless I eat the wrong thing, which happens once or twice a month but only causes some mild pain that lasts for a half day at most. Sometimes I will get some pain when sleeping but as long as I sleep inclined it is either gone or mostly gone. Some days I can sleep in for 8-9 hours of total sleep which is very nice when I have the time smile

I am a bit less sensitive than I used to be, having the occasional chocolate and whatnot is OK, having lots of cheese is OK (but not every day or it will cause a small amount of buildup) - lots of eggs are OK (they made things worse initially)

I have found the perfect way to get vitamins/minerals via the following -

dessicated liver powder
vitamin d oil filled capsules 5k-10k daily
Magnesium Citrate 400-1000mg daily
vitamin c powder as I feel like it
Niacin, flush type, 500mg to 1000mg before bed (good for a number of reasons)

I avoid having veggies every day as that will cause a slow buildup of pain but every other day seems fune for now. Sometimes I OD on cherry tomatoes and pay a small price but for the most part they are OK to eat as well.

I exercise ALOT, like 5-12 hours a week and I am looking forward to my first real cycling race in a few months (a time trial) - so I am doing some serious training for that.

my facebook if you are curious - https://www.facebook.com/bill.hammond.528

I can honestly say that I am BETTER off now than I was before I had symptoms of AS. Thankful for all the people here and the information I have received. I also have to thank the good Dr. Ebringer - whom I had a couple of good email conversations with a few years back.

**************** Really Feel life. Every second. One breath and one sound at a time. Joy is always there, waiting on the other side of your mind.