hi iam 34 years old. iam one more story of missdiagnosed AS.In my good fortune i dont have aggressive AS. i had since my 22 when i started to fill pain in my SJ(left) for short times one per year. i was doing intensively sports(martial arts) so any time i was think that was injury. After 10 years of periodically pain in my SJ and many doctors that they didnt manged to diagnose my problem i did the diagnose in my own.The significant was that the first HLAB27 test was negative. But was wrong. I found finally good reumatologist that told me that probably my HLAB27 was positive. I did it again, and guess...yes i was positive.He told me that i have to be active in sports, and i have to use NSAIDS9(Arcoxia 90 mg) when i fill pain.About 1,5 year the pain in my SJ was almost dissapear but i had pain in my left hip.
I found the book of carole's Sinclair and i try to do the NSD about the last 8 months. I think that it is very helpfull to me,specially in interaction with arcoxia. Also i do omeopathy and i think that is usefull.
So SJ pain almost dissapear.
Hip pain in my left hip is the active subject for me, but i think that the NSD is very helpfull. I didnt have any significant pain in the last 6 months. The last week i had pain (2-3 in scale) in my left hip. i took 2 days therapy with arcoxia and conteporary NSD and no LSD in that case.i had very good improvement.So till now i did LSD and when i had any pain up to 2 (no very often) i used NSAiDS with NSD.
Very important to be active . a lot of bodybuilding, bicycle, martial arts(but no my love tang soo do that i have 3 rd dan black belt)because i think is extremely hard for my hip.The september i received a part in triathlon champion and i felt very very nice.
i am very interest in any athlete with AS for experiences and training tactics. That was the most hard to me, when u have the dillema that i prefer one disease that doesnt hurt my joints because i want to be active. Keep on fight my brothers god bless you. i will be in touch with u for any detail and any interactive helpful tips.