Hi. I have been remiss in not posting on this thread. I think the problem is I now have part of my life back and am not chained to the restroom wondering what is going to happen next. Oh, and I can move better.

I've not left the websight, I still come here all the time to stay motivated and to try to let people know there is life after wheat.

Before this websight, I just accepted the fact that I was some sort of biological weirdo with a bad neck, bad kidneys, a perpetually achey lower back, and a terrible digestive system. I was dianosed in the '80's. I had repeated kidney infections and ended up with arthritis in my neck. As if that makes any sense to an outsider. The little research I had done suggested that I was even the wrong sex for the disease.

Then came computers. The internet. The google search engine. One day on a whim, I tried typing in "spondylitis" in the box and hit return, because on another, non related board, a poster mentioned her SISTER had it and when she strayed off her diet she had problems. Odd, I thought, I can't eat some things either. I ought to check this out and see if I find anything.

One of the websites it picked up was Kickas.

The rest, as they say, is history. I kept reading thru post after post after post on the entire websight and I absolutely could not believe what I was reading. People with the same whacko set of symptoms, out of the same northern european and native american backgrounds, altho there are others. Then the diet section. I don't know how far back I went, but it was far, far back. These are my people! They get sick on too much modified food starch! They wanna die if they eat breaded, fried things! They get weird rashes! Have horrible spines! They love to wear sunglasses outside! Perpetual indigestion on the high carb diet. Down with the wretched food pyramid !!!

As a happy coincidence, I had been battling with a recalcitrant HMO for over 3 years at that point trying to get SOMEBODY there to acknowlege I at least had the disease because sometimes, as we all do, we get complications that have to be handled differently than with a normal person. I had a horrible, horrible flare up while in their "care." I had several infections, my knee siezed up, my back was killing me, I had some ferocious bouts of dizzyness. My rib cage felt like cement. All they would do is try to get me to take anti inflammatories I could not take anyway because I have very sensitive kidneys. Now at last I had a resource. And a chart I printed off that had a list of things I should really try to avoid, and the things I should try to eat instead. It took me a while to get up enough nerve to actually post on the websight but this was not my imagination...eating certain things influenced my health dramatically.

It was not a question of "if" it was going to work, it was a given, the question was how well. It worked well enough that when I finally got my wish and got better insurance, the doctors will not believe I have anything wrong with me solely on the basis of a visual examination. I have to practically force them to scan me where I know I have damage that is blatant. I still have pain but I have function, and I do not take any drugs regularly.(if I woke up and didn't feel anything with this neck I'd think I'd died overnight... ) I do not think the diet cures the disease, I do think the diet dramatically influences the outcome.

I've always exercised so this helped. I have horses I take care of on a farm, and they motivate me to try to stay as active as possible. I still do some limited riding, at a walk. I know if I give in and not move, and start fusing, I won't be able to do that at all, it would be too dangerous,so I try to keep moving and coax another month or another year out of it. It's not easy, but nothing really is, and it beats the alternative that was originally forcast for me.

I'm now, after several years, probably one of the more liberal eaters on here, as at first I wouldn't dream of going near something like a banana or some rice, and now sometimes I do. The main thing for me seems to be staying away from bread (except almond bread), cereals, wheat and other starch derivatives. And I always let my gut tell me what I should do. I eat taco fillings all the time from this one restaurant- BUT NOT THE SHELLS. I never react to their food. I've tried it at other places and it doesn't work so well. I've learned the hard way that the "low-fat" craze means that some joker has mutilated a perfectly good food product by sneaking some starch filler in it. Do not put that low fat crap sour cream in my food!!!!! Why does tuna fish juice have to have mystery vegetable broth in it now? At times it really does seem like the ag industry in this country is determined to turn us all into a bunch of feeder cows at a grain trough.

I hope that if the lower and no starch diets could help someone, that they will read this and give it a try. I wish to thank all the posters on this site who persevere and write about their experiences.