Hi all,
This is Sundar....i have been on NSD for 2.5 months now..only it took me 1.5 months to get the DIET RIGHT ... this forum is a life saver and so are u guys...i have come to believe "HOPE NEVER DIES"..."IT LIES WITHIN EACH OF US"...."WE HAVE TO FINDIT" never let it die...my NSD was working well..i lost the pain in my hip but i still had acute pain in my left toe till last week..was not able to walk..had to take a NSAID ever day...then for the last 1 week (after i finished a apple fast) i have not taken a NSAID and have absolutely ZERO pain any where ...NOT EVEN MY TOE iam able to walk ..wear shoes and probably even JOG ...there is just minor stiffness in the mornings..that too is reducing slowly
PAULA ..asked me to write a SUCCESS STORY..i told her..i will when i feel better...
i am letting you all know..i am just 24 and and a few weeks before i felt 55..now i feel 20:)...believe me this diet thing is great...dont loose hope just make sure that u are doing the right diet...ask, check(iodine) before u eat till u get this thing right..be healthy...be AS FREE ...better BE "AS KICKIN"

Wid Love

By the way i am happy..i got a promotion.. a payhike so i am getting a NEW LEXUS..to celebrate everything...including the AS KICKIN........