Another success story. I've been on the diet since November last year thanks to this site.

I still have some symptoms each day but there is a huge difference and I have not been doing the very strict version of the diet where you cut out cooked veg and things like vitamin pills with starch.

I might try it strict for a week to see if it is worth going the whole way.

I have tested the diet on three occasions by returning to some starch. Each time I cannot believe how obvious a difference it makes. Yesterday I had a sandwich for lunch and this morning I was really stiff. The time before that when I ate starch for a couple of days it took about a week to feel all the benefits of the diet again.

After a couple of months on the diet I have been able to sleep on my front again which had become too painful. I'm almost embarressed to go to physiotherpy in case they think I am too well.

Thanks everyone,