I am 46 years old. Iíve had AS since 1993. My pain and stiffness increased over the years from a mild annoyance to a disturbing level of daily pain. I was working up to being on pain suppressants constantly. By 2001 there was a growing list of things I could not or simply did not want to do. I looked gaunt and sickly.

In October 2001 I started a low starch diet. I didnít make significant progress reducing pain and inflammation until I took a course of anti-biotics to fight off pneumonia in February of 2002. By this time I was NSD and began to experience very little pain and inflammation.

I was able to stop taking NSAIDís by March of 2002. My diet became full NSD as of June 2002.

When I began my LSD I found I just didnít have enough foods in my repertoire to replace the ones I was giving up. It took a few weeks of searching and experimenting to compile my new stable of meals and snacks. I found it more realistic for me to take it slowly in the beginning, rather than rush in only to spend my days hungry or bored. (Iím 5í 9Ē and 138lbs)

I also found it helpful to focus my attention on the foods I could eat rather than the ones I had to give up. I kept lists of eatables and added to it as I thought of new things. I bought recklessly. Frozen fruit, fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts. Chocolate became an emotional survival staple; still is.

In my years of not eating starch Iíve continued to experience about a 90% reduction of pain and inflammation compared my pre-diet years. I still have some stiffness and lack of mobility in the neck. I partially blame this on my inability to find the time to really work on exercises to get my neck muscles back into a healthy state.

My energy is back, I look healthy, and Iíve returned to backpacking in the mountains. I can lift my kayak with ease and turn my head to back up the car instead of just relying on the mirrors. It doesnít hurt to wrestle with my daughter.

I have found the diet relatively easy to stay on, still enjoying mostly meat-and-veggie meals. I also rely heavily on fruit and never venture far from home without some dried-fruit and nut mix to snack on throughout the day. Iíve always been the grazing type, never had any fat reserves to rely on.

My initial drop in weight on the diet has stabilized, and now I stay at my normal weight without any extra effort.

Fats, I firmly believe, are essential for my energy and well-being. I indulge in fresh sausages, and include fish oil as well as coconut oil in my diet. Nuts are also a source of excellent fats for me. Since beginning the diet my cholesterol has dropped 15 points.

Through years of searching Iíve managed to find plenty of recipes that provide a wide variety of delicious no starch meals. The American magazine: ďCooking LightĒ is usually packed with no starch, quick recipes.

This site and the work of Prof. Ebringer have given me back a full life that I cherish. I wish you all equal success.

Victory or Fuse!