Does anyone know of any good Non-starch protein shakes? I get extremely hungry on this diet and I need a filler like a shake to help me out for the first several weeks until I get more used to it. I have found 2 so far but both are pretty nasty.

Also, I'm waiting to make sure my back pain goes completely away before I tapper off of my medications. Does anyone know of a plan to follow to tapper off meds? I wish I had someone to talk to about a plan on that as I know for a fact it wouldn't be my doctor. I do Remicade infusions once every 8 weeks and I also take oral Imuran pills. Medication has worked great for me for a year and a half but has slowly started wearing off. I know the answer to my problem would be to increase infusion frequency and that's not what I want to do. This is my last known medication that can help both my UC and AS according to my doctor. This diet has given me hope, as well as possibly doing a fecal transplant down the road.