Thank you so much for your story, it has really inspired me to start all over again. My lower & upper back are fused, i had some paing from when i was 25/26 years and diagonised AS in 2007, since then i left everything infact i stopped coming out of my house and my social life, ever thinking why god gave me this, i never deserved it .... what not.

Then i have started with DMARDS - SAAZ 500 tablet 2 times a day for the last 4 months, but never really thought about my eating habits now realise my eating habbits is like a ocean, i eat evertyhing from rice to chocolates to icecream to very very spicy indian foods to onions and pently of Coffee/TEA (each more than 10 cups per day) .... infact i have allergy for the last 4 years 24/7. Now i understnad that food is what i need to concentrate and test to use.

Anyway thanks a lot for all the information you have provided.

Best Regards