Hi all,
I think this is my first post, although I've been a member here for a couple of years now.
My concern right now is that blood test results yesteday point to Pancytopenia, which I now have urgent follow up tests over te next couple of days to find out why.

I've had AS for more than 30 years and would consider my case to be mild compared to others, though I have suffered greatly at times, particularly in the eatly years.
About three years ago I started the No Starch Diet and have had exceptional results until a few months ago, when I let the diet go a bit, a fair bit. Previous to that I did let it go a little and had no real problems, maybe coincidental I don't know.
But as I wait for these tests, I can't help wonder if this new problem could be due to the NSD.
The main reason I tried the diet was because I qualified for anti-TNF meds, but on researching the side effects I decided I didn't want to take the risk of increased odds with leukaemia especially since my mum had passed away a little earlier with AML.
I've considered this link because after speaking with others in my local AS group some time ago, already on anti-TNFs that there were similarities in condition changes on those as I experienced with the NSD...almost immediate relief from mouth ulcers (I had always had them continuously and they stopped in the first week) and relief from AS pain in the first few weeks.
Well I guess I've just go to hope this new challenge is an easy one to beat.