and here is how I discovered starches, namely potatoes, were bad news for me and how one days worth of meals changed my life:

One Sunday this summer, I ate the following meals:
breakfast :: eggs, sausage, hash browns
lunch :: cheese burger, fries
dinner :: I was craving breakfast again so I ate more eggs, sausage, and hash browns
snacks :: probably more starches

Monday morning, woke up in the worst pain in my life. I've broken bones before, and been scraped up pretty bad (road rash from falling off a bike at 45 mph) ... and this was nothing compared to it. It was a deep down pain starting in my tailbone and eminating up through my spine, in every single rib. I wanted to be done living.

From that point on I knew I need to make changes in my life. That day I continued researching AS, reading more and more about the NSD. Not sure what clicked finally, but from that day on I started eliminating foods, first was potatoes. After a week or 2 of no potatoes, I started taking away other starchy foods, and substituting fruit, vegetables, and lean meat/fish/chicken. I started feeling better. A month went by, still doing better ... 2, then 3 months ... and I feel "good"

There are other message boards for AS where people aren't so receptive to diet changes, doctors and rheumatologists tell me that diet should have no effect DESPITE my question to my rheumatologist about humira being for Chron's and AS.

• Diag - USpA/AS JUN-10 // HLA-B27+
• Humira started DEC-10, every 2 weeks
• Started Minocycline antibiotic therapy JAN-11
• no/low starch diet started OCT-10
• Natural Supplements: Super Joint Complex, Omega 3, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Milk Thistle, Men's Multi, Probiotic Blend, Zyflamend